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Rabbi Michel Twerski

Welcome to Beth Jehudah! We are delighted by your interest in our synagogue and our community. We hope you will take the time to browse through the information we have gathered here, so that you can get to know us a little bit, albeit at a cyberspace distance. Speaking of which, you may be suspicious about a Congregation which calls itself Orthodox and participates in the technological wonders of the "Net". Permit me to reassure you that Beth Jehudah and its thriving community are very much a part of the fabric of what is best in today's Orthodox world. At the same time our presence in this cutting edge modality, should, indeed, tell you that we are very much a part of the contemporary world - hallowing it and shaping it with the inspiration of our rich Torah tradition. I trust you will find our website informative and that you will not hesitate to call upon us, should you require further information. Have fun!

Rabbi Michel Twerski

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