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These tapes make great gifts. The Twerski Tape series offers something for everyone. A thoughtful tape selection will add meaning and depth to the life of anyone on your gift list; spouses, children, parents, friends or co-workers.

Meet our Featured Lecturers.

In the Footsteps of the Chassidic Masters
Rabbi Michel Twerski


Footsteps Tape Cover From the anvil of Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov in the Russian village of Mezbiz, came a spark which dramatically altered the course of Jewish history. That spark, Chassidus, made its way into the hearts of millions, sweeping across oceans and continents, traversing three centuries, blazing a path of service to the Al-mighty which vitalized the tortured souls of the Jewish people.

Through faith and piety, brotherhood and joy, Chassidus restored the integrity of the rich Torah tradition to its rightful place.

The Baal Shem Tov and his inspired successors, the Chassidic Masters through the generations, comprise a study of greatness unprecedented in this millennium.

In this tape series, Rabbi Twerski, scion of many of the movement's greatest masters, offers us a glimpse into the lives and contributions of these luminaries of the spirit. In exquisitely crafted biographies and excerpts from their works, we are introduced to the unique forces which shaped our past, and provide singular counsel for the present and future. No serious aspirant to excellence in Avodas Hashem should ignore this opportunity to draw upon these timeless lessons.

Professional Digital Recording

Volume I (5 Tapes).....$29.95

  • The Times of The Baal Shem Tov
  • The Views of the Baal Shem Tov
  • The Life of the Baal Shem Tov
  • The Mezridcher Maggid
  • The Life of The Toldos Yakov Yosef

Volume II (5 Tapes)....$29.95

  • The Views of the Toldos Yakov Yosef
  • The Degel Machne Efriaim
  • Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz
  • The Life of Rabbi Nachum Twerski of Chernobyl
  • The Views of Rabbi Nachum Twerski of Chernobyl

Volume III (5 Tapes)....$29.95

  • Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl
  • The Rebbe R'Zushe of Anipoli
  • The first Lubavitcher Rebbe, The Baal Hatanya #1
  • The first Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Baal Hatanya #2
  • Rebbe Yakov Yisroel Twerski of Tsherkass

Volume IV (5 Tapes)....$29.95

  • The Life and Times of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel, the Apter Rav
  • Rabbi Chaim Halbersham, the Sanzer Rav

Volume V (6 Tapes)....$34.95

  • Rebbe Mordechai Dov Twerski of Hornisteipel
  • Rebbe Yehudah Leib Twerski of Hornisteipel
  • Rebbe Shlomo Halberstam of Bobov
  • Rebbe Benzion Halberstam of Bobov

Volume VI (2 Tapes)....$15.00

  • The life and times of Rabbi Yakov Yisroel Twerski of Hornisteipel - Milwaukee
Entire Series (28 Tapes)..............$149.95

13 Principles of Faith
Rabbi Michel Twerski

13 Principals Tape cover In this series, Rabbi Twerski addresses the most essential dimension of human existence - faith. Faith is the plasma of the soul. It courses through the arteries of our lives, bringing life and sustenance to all that we touch. The thirteen principles of faith articulate the critical tenets which are the indispensable nutrients of a healthy and intact belief system. These tapes bring definition and unsurpassed clarity to these precepts.

Volume I (5 Tapes)..................$29.95

  • Why do Jews believe?
  • What about the Golden Calf?
  • The Universal Chess Game
  • Who guides the forces of Evil?
  • G-d's Oneness

Volume II (5 Tapes)..................$29.95

  • G-d's Unity
  • G-d, the First and the Last
  • G-d vs. the G-dly
  • Prayer to Whom?
  • The Purpose of Prayer

Volume III (5 Tapes).................$29.95

  • The Role of Torah Greats
  • Prophecy
  • Moshe: The Father of All Prophets
  • Bilam vs. Moshe
  • The Eternity of Torah

Volume IV (5 Tapes)...................$29.95

  • G-d's Knowledge vs. Free Choice
  • Reward and Punishment: Why?
  • The Essence of Reward
  • Choosing the Relationship
  • Yearning for Moshiach

Volume V (4 Tapes)...................$24.95

  • The World of Moshiach
  • The Personality of Moshiach
  • Moshiach ben Yosef
  • The Resurrection of the Dead

Entire Series (24 Tapes)..............$125.00

Rabbi Michel Twerski

Dimensions Tape Cover These series deal with the three-dimensional prism of influence in which we find ourselves - man and his creator, man and his fellow man, and, finally, man unto himself. These recordings, gleaned from lectures made throughout the world, will add many dimensions to your life.

Gain clarity and focus on:

  • Shalom Bayis - The Husband/Wife relationship
  • Humility and self esteem
  • Ahavas Yisroel (loving a fellow Jew)
  • Growth in Judaism - Its challenges and obstacles
  • Kiruv Rechokim - Our obligation to reach out
  • Many critical issues

Volume I (5 Tapes)............$29.95

Volume II (4 Tapes)............$19.95

Volume III (5 Tapes)............$29.95

Experience the Essence of Yom Tov
Rabbi Michel Twerski

Experience the Essence of Yom Tov Tape Cover The holidays, when celebrated to their fullest, reveal to us new vistas of sacred experience. These series offer beginner and advanced scholar alike an opportunity to break the crust of routine and habit, to experience fresh and exciting dimensions of our precious holiday treasures.

Join Rabbi Michel Twerski in his travels through the words of our Sages. Watch him bring them to life with brilliant ideas which relate to every one of us! Each Volume contains different sessions.

Volume I includes nine sessions on the following holidays:

Elul Rosh HaShana Yom Kippur Succos Chanukah Purim Pesach Shavuous Tisha B'Av

Volume II includes ten sessions on the following holidays:

Elul High Holidays Succos Chanukah Purim Pesach Chol Hamoed Sfiras Haomer Shavuous Tisha B"Av

Volume III includes ten sessions on the following holidays:

Elul Ten Days of Repentance Succos Chanukah Nittle Nacht Tu B'shvat Purim Pesach Lag B"omer The Three Weeks

Volume I................................$49.95

Volume II...............................$55.00

Volume III..............................$55.00

Rabbi Michel Twerski

Reflections Tape Cover The popularity of Rabbi Michel Twerski's Yom Tov series I, II, and III has been overwhelming. We are therefore excited to announce the release of "Reflections." Now, you can concentrate on a specific holiday or holiday season with these latest releases of Yom Tov classes. These sessions are not included in any of the previous Yom Tov recordings.

We've selected the choice classes from over 100 lectures to enable you to optimize these unique Yom Tov opportunities. This year, you can transform an uneventful and uninspired observation of the holidays into an uplifting and memorable experience.

Rabbi Twerski shows us how to properly channel the influences of these seasons and made concrete positive changes in our lives

From beginner to scholar these tapes address all of us. Take advantage of them!

Elul(4 Tapes)...............$19.95

High Holiday(6 Tapes)......$34.95

Pesach (Passover)(6 Tapes)....$34.95

The Ten Commandments
Rabbi Michel Twerski

The Ten Commandments Tape Cover Discover the building blocks of your "neshama" through Rabbi Michel Twerski. Come learn with Rabbi Twerski as he leads you through the Midrashic and Talmudic sources and brings them as living lessons which can be implemented in our lives.

  • How many G-ds do we truly entertain?
  • "Jewish guilt" and honoring parents
  • The true role of Shabbos
  • Are we living up to our true potential?
  • Murder: the Art of Rebuke
  • The Evils of Envy

10 Tapes.......................$55.00

Take Charge of Your World
Rabbi B.C. Shlomo Twerski ZT"L

Take Charge of Your World Tape Cover "Take Charge of Your World" represents an opportunity to open a portal into one of this century's most exciting intellects. Stimulated by the profundity of the Rabbi's unrivaled genius, you will find yourself listening to these tapes over and over again, discovering new dimensions of understanding with each successive review. You will be drawn to reach over deeper into the kiln of your "neshama" to evoke provocative new insights, sparking journeys of growth you never dreamed possible. Each cassette is packed with information including topics such as:

  • Mastering the art of prayer
  • Overcoming depression
  • How to learn Teshuva from our generation
  • Yearning for a spiritual lifestyle
  • Two complete panels of Rabbi Shlomo Twerski, Rabbi Abraham Twerski, Rabbi Michel Twerski, and Rabbi Aaron Twerski

6 Tapes..................................$39.95

Please Note: Some of Rabbi Shlomo's recordings are of lesser sound quality, yet they are far too precious not to release for the benefit of the public. However, they are definitely audible.

Rabbi Aaron Twerski

Confrontation Tape Cover Are you prepared to truly confront the issues head on? Rabbi Aaron Twerski calls the shots as they are!

  • Is "Chutzpah" (by Alan Dershowitz) the correct approach to anti-Semitism?
  • Why is the Jewish family unit disintegrating so rapidly?
  • Where was Divine inspiration during the Holocaust?
  • Do we truly care about one another?
  • Can a lawyer be a G-d fearing person?
  • How should a Jew approach G-d in prayer?
  • Where is Orthodox Judaism heading today?

Listen in amazement as Professor Twerski tackles these problems and shows how to rectify these crucial issues. These eleven sessions truly "confront" the ethics and morals that guide our lives. Let's face them now.

10 Tapes..........................$55.00

Walking The Path Of The Just
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

Walking the Path of the Just Tape Cover Join this famous author and speaker in his first tape series. Walk with him through the chapters of Messilas Yesharim written by the renowned 17th Century Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzzatto. This classic text has been viewed as the handbook of "character refinement " for over two centuries. Dr. Twerski's years of experience, penetrating insights and delightful wit make this series a very unique learning opportunity. Invest sixty hours of quality learning time in your eternity.

Series I,II,III,IV,V..........$59.95 each
(10 Tapes each)

Or purchase the entire series for $250.00

The Melava Malka Experience
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski and Rabbi Michel Twerski

The Melava Malka Experience Tape Cover This cassette series is the first of its kind. Rabbi Abraham J. and Rabbi Michel Twerski share the golden moments of Melava Malka through story and song. Narratives recounting inspiring chapters in the lives of the great Masters of Torah and Chassidus, are passed on to you through the rich Twerski tradition. These timeless vignettes carry the listener to an exalted plane, where joined with giants of the spirit, one soars to a world of the transcendent and the wondrous, a real, in which all thing become possible. This new offering represents a rare opportunity to be swept up in the warmth of a magnificent family tradition.

In addition to the anecdotes, these cassettes feature music composed and written by Rabbi Michel Twerski. His compositions are sung by Jews throughout the world. Enjoy and reflect upon four stirring ballads written in the vernacular. "The Tree," "The Forest," "The Old Man," and "The Child Within," as well as two deeply moving Yiddish niggunim, "A Guten Shabbos," and "Karev Yom."

These recordings will enable you to capture the Melava Malka flavor and savor it throughout the week.

3 Tapes...............$25.00

...of Blessed Memory
Rabbi Shlomo Twerski ZT'L , Rabbi Michel Twerski
Rebbitzen Feige Twerski

...of Blessed Memory Tape Cover Even after thousands of years of research and progress in all areas of scientific and philosophic inquiry, the "shadow of death"remains an impenetrable frontier of human knowledge. Despite countless efforts to bring order and meaning to this most inescapable of human crises, the struggle of survivors to find comfort and solace in the wake of immediate personal loss constitutes one of mankind's most resistant and anguishing trials.

In this unique series, we are extremely fortunate to hear three voices of insight, inspiration and clarity on this crucial topic. Traversing the spectrum of events and emotions attendant to this journey, our speakers extend a hand of sympathy and understanding which disperses some of the darkness pursuant to the loss of a loved one. Paradoxically, as this cassette series leads us to a deeper understanding of death, it also leads us to a deeper and more joyful appreciation of life.

3 Tapes..........................$25.00

From Hearth to Heart
Rebbitzen Feige Twerski

Heart to Heart Tape Cover In these series of tapes, Rebbitzen Twerski provides for a unique journey into the trials and tribulations confronting the family unit today, with special emphasis on the critical role of the contemporary Jewish woman. With deep feeling and conviction, the Rebbitzen strikes resonant chords of emotion and spiritual yearning as she employs her vast knowledge of Torah commentary and her rich repertoire of anecdotal material. She brings life and relevance to concepts which are essential to the well-being of a Jew in the modern era.

Volume I (8 Tapes).....................$45.00

Volume II (8 Tapes).....................$45.00

Volume III (8 Tapes).....................$45.00

Stress Management & Self Discovery
Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Stress Management & Self Discovery Tape Cover A three-tape series delivered to an audience representing the full spectrum of Jewish affiliation.

3 Tapes...........................$25.00

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Concepts and Ideals

Clarity Tape Cover In this first volume of Clarity, the Rebbitzen elucidates her views on many of life's ideals. She offers her advice with thought provoking concepts and touching anecdotes to create a totally entertaining and enjoyable listening experience.

Professional Recording

6 Tapes.................$34.95

"It's About Marriage"
and It's About Doing It Right

It's about Marriage Tape Cover In this series, Rebbitzen Twerski summons decades of marriage counseling expertise to guide us through the challenges and trials of married life. In her unique and inimitable style, the Rebbitzen weaves timeless Torah thoughts into the fabric of contemporary life, giving us practical insight into the integrity and sanctity of this precious bond.

2 Tapes...............$15.95

Ethics of the Fathers

Rebbitzen Feige Twerski

Pirkei Avos Tape Cover "Shma B'nee Mussar Avicha V'al Titosh Torah Imecha."

"Listen my son to the admonition of your father and do not forsake the Torah of your mother." (PROVERBS 1)

No verse better captures the essence of this tape series than this exhortation from Proverbs. In this tape series, Rebbitzen Twerski weaves a fabric of magnificent color and texture using the age old text of the Ethics of the Fathers, and drawing upon her expansive repertoire of commentary and practical insights. As always, she brings the rich wisdom of Torah and three millennia of inspired insight form Judaism's spiritual giants to provide practical solutions to today's challenges.

5 Tapes...............................$29.95

Bridging the Gap
Rabbi Michel and Rebbitzen Feige Twerski

Bridging The Gap Tape Cover The recent Renaissance of Orthodox Judaism amongst young and hitherto non-observant Jews, a phenomenon known as the "Ba'al Tshuvah" movement, has generated problems and tensions amongst family and friends causing severe anguish and pain to all concerned parties.

As veteran counselors to the international Jewish community, Rabbi Michel and Rebbitzen Feige Twerski have helped many bring resolution to these unprecedented conflicts. Join the Twerskis in "Bridging the Gap," sessions designed to address the complex questions most frequently asked by the Ba'al Tshuvah's closest relatives and friends.

  • Must they alienate our families?
  • Did we fail you as parents?
  • Are you choosing a "new " family over us?
  • What if I have a heart attack on Shabbos? Who comes first?
  • Must you alone bear the burden on populating the world?

2 Tapes.........................$16.95

A Voice on High
Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski

Notes for A Voice on High

This record produced in 1967 is now available on CD only.

Only $15.00

Rabbi Michel and Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Faith Candle

Address the crucial issues of faith!

  • Why do we resist faith?
  • How does one acquire it?
  • I have faith in G-d; does G-d have faith in me?

These two cassettes are sure to begin a new thought process for anyone who entertains doubt!

2 Tapes...................$15.00

The Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski - Volume I
Rabbi Michel Twerski

Throughout the past two centuries Chassidic music has played a very special role. A deep expression of the soul, Chassidic music captures yearning and longing, as well as exuberant joy. From the survivors of the barracks of Treblinka and Auschwitz to the blissful dancers each Friday night at the Western Wall, Chassidic music continues to keep the passion of the Jewish soul aflame.

Four decades of rich musical composition by Milwaukee's own, Chassidic composer Rabbi Michel Twerski, are captured with this CD, cassette and music book. The heart and soul of Jewish music is accessible to all in a language every human being can understand — music; the language of the soul!

The first music book of Rabbi Michel's music. Twenty songs beautifully arranged for piano and guitar.

The Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski - Vol. I - Book Cover The Music Book

This book can be appreciated even by those who can't read musical notes. 138 pages full of rich anecdotes, explanations and introductions.

The Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski - Volume I The CD and Cassette

Niggunim from Reb Michel's Tish Finally... an album with authentic Jewish warmth. This Kumzitz collection of 21 original melodies contains an hour's worth of Heimishe Niggunim, beautifully enriched with background music by professional musicians. Available in either CD or cassette format.

Songs on Volume I

1-Pnu Éilai · 2-B'yodo · 3-Romimu · 4-Yehay R'ava
5-Layihudim · 6-L'cho Dodi · 7-Lo S'evoshi
8-V'nismach · 9-L'mikdashech · 10-Avinu Malkeinu
11-Milwaukee March · 12-Shalom Aleichem
13-V'shorim · 14-Shma B'ni · 15-Éin Aroch
16-Anna Avdo · 17-Shiru L'Hashem
18-A Gutten Shabbos · 19-Kol Atsmosai
20-Simchu Tzadikim · 21-Tov L'Hodos

Music Book...........$25.00



Book & CD.............$35.00

Book & Tape..........$32.50

The Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski - Volume II
Rabbi Michel Twerski

The Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski - Volume II The long awaited Volume II of Rabbi Twerski's music is now available. This new recording features a mixture of melodies spanning thirty years of compositions. In addition to twelve classic niggunim, this recording includes Karev Yom, the beautiful Yiddish ballad from Pesach night. This production by Dr. Mark Skier is the result of tireless months of arranging, recording and mixing. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Mel Feierstein for their sponsorship.

Songs on Volume II

1-Ma Tishtochachi · 2-Karev Yom · 3-Viyida'tem
4-Lev Tahor · 5-T'kah B'shofar · 6-Ad Anna
7-V'eineinu · 8-Modeh Ani · 9-Od Yishoma
10-Shma Hashem · 11-Min Hameitzar
12-Achas Shoalti · 13-Aufruf Niggun



Yisroel Lamm
The Philharmonic Experience
Music of Rabbi Michel Twerski
Rabbi Michel Twerski

The Philharmonic Experience Rabbi Twerski has been composing music since his mid-teens. In the style and sprit of of his ancestors, the great Chassidic masters, Rabbi Twerski composed scores of melodies which which express both the yearning and longing of the soul for its Creator, as well as the joy and pride commonly associated with Chassidic music. These compositions are not only sung by the members of his community, but by Jews throughout the world. This recording features Tenor Avromie Flam and members of The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Songs

1-The Milwaukee March (1960's) · After an opening based on thematic material, a symphonic presentation of Rabbi Twerski's world famous march.

2-Avinu Malkeinu (1997) · From the Saturday Evening Service. In this arrangement the orchestra plays a series of forte chords and chordal pyramids of triplets to summon the readiness for this submissive prayer-like tune.

3-Rommimu (1950's) · From Psalm 99, Shabbos Night Service. A theme and variations in pops form featuring Rabbi Twerski's classic Rommimu. It utilizes musical styles from around the world, from Israel to Italy, from china to New York's Yiddish theater.

4-T'Kah B'Shofar (1960's) · From the weekday Amidah prayer. The orchestra mimics the blowing of the Shofar in the introduction and interludes which frame this three-part melody.

5-B'yado – Piano Concerto (1970's) · From Morning Prayers. A theme and variations based on a melody by Rabbi Twerski, taking the form of a mini piano concerto. It features the acclaimed concert pianist, Daniel Beliavsky, performing his own cadenza.

6-Lecho Dodi (1990's) · From the Shabbos evening service. A joyous composition in the tradition of the great Chassidic composers, orchestrated in the grand style of the Viennese waltz.

7-Pnu Éilai (1997) · A symphonic arrangement of a lively dance melody, with a round-like treatment of the counterpoints.

8-Lev Tahor (1970's) · From Psalm 51. Arranged by Roger Ruggieri.

9-Medley · Ein Arich · V'nismach · Kol Atsmosai · Min Hameitzar · Lev Tahor · Lo Sévoshi · Shma B'ni · T'Kah Beshofar - A collection of some of Rabbi Twerski's most popular compositions, featuring solo performances by many of the orchestra's principal players.



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